970 Trash Wizard

Tired of the big Corporations? Choose 970 Trash Wizard! We are a local family owned and operated business right here in Mesa County.

Weekly residential trash pick up


We have now opened a new route and are accepting new customers! Please call or text us to get signed up today!

Service Area

Grand Junction





Frequently asked questions:

Do you offer military or senior discounts?

Yes we do! We offer 20% off for either senior or military!

Do you provide the garbage collection bin?

Not yet, but we do not have any restrictions on what kind of garbage bins you would like to use!

Do you provide dumpsters or roll off rentals?

We do not right now, but we do offer different options for junk removals and one time pick ups!

Do you offer recycling services?

Yes we do! We offer recycling services with your weekly residential pick up at the same time!

What is your holiday schedule?

If your garbage collection day falls on a holiday that is observed by the Mesa County Landfill and it results in them being closed for the day, your collection day will be moved to the next day. If you ever have any questions about the pick up schedule please do not hesitate to text or call us!

What time will my garbage pick up be at?

We start our routes at 7:00AM and they will be completed by 5:00PM. Sometimes your pick up time will fluctuate depending on traffic and possible construction.